Reviews and Testimonials - what families have said about my funeral and memorial services

Thank you Elaine for everything, and for a lovely service.  Dad would have loved it. B-L.
Riverstone Cemetery

Dear Elaine,
Thank you so much for all you help, both on Wednesday and in the days prior. Your gentle guidance was much appreciated, and we were all so pleased with how the day went. I had at least two people tell me it was the most beautiful service they had ever attended. It was lovely to meet you. Kind regards, A.G.

Dear Elaine,
I couldn't agree more regarding Mum's service. We said all along we weren't aiming for perfection, but I think we came pretty close for her, and I know she is proud of us all.

I had the opportunity to thank you personally after Mums service, but I'd just like to say, once again ,thank you so much for doing such an excellent job for our Mum, and for being a source of reassurance, strength and comfort for myself, and my siblings.
    Kind regards   B. G.  White Lady Funerals  were the funeral directors.

Hi Elaine,
Thank you for this email & for the lovely job you did. We were so happy with how the day went & we're very proud of our kids too. 
Thanks again for the work you put in to help make it a wonderful send off. Best wishes,  B. Memorial Service

Hi Elaine …many thanks for conducting such a lovely, warm & spirited service.  Your low key manner & sincerity greatly enhanced the whole procedure. 

It was just a pleasure to work with you on the service … & Peter Allen's song & the 'Act of Acting' went down particularly well …. so thank you for the contributions.My sister loved what you did too … as did everyone else. Again many thanks … I'll be recommending you
Best regards S. & J. Ian J. Arthur Funerals

It was lovely seeing you again, Elaine. Thank you for all you did. It was a lovely, heartfelt ceremony.You led our ceremony perfectly.Thanks Elaine, you did a lovely job and looked great too.   S., J. & R.
E.L. 14 July 2017  Walter Carter Funerals chapel 

Both C. and I were very appreciative of the wonderful service you gave for was a tough week. However we felt that Dad's service was done extremely well. Thank you.

Dear Elaine,
On behalf of Dad and the rest of our family I'd like to express our gratitude for your conducting of yesterday's proceedings. It made the occasion  very special.At our close family (now 4 generations!) get-together last night it was remarked and agreed that Mum would have liked you  and I'm sure if she could, she'd thank you herself.
Warm Regards  
Macquarie Park Memorial Gardens
   Interment of ashes and memorial service

Dear Elaine,
Thank you so much for the keepsake and especially for handling our sad event with such sensitivity.  It very much felt like you were one of the family and mum would have liked you and wanted you as a friend
Kindest regards, J

Despite being a very sad day the service conducted by Elaine Searle for C. E. was beautiful. Elaine's authentic, warm and honest service was unique and beautiful, like C. The opportunity to place a paintbrush on her coffin and take a painting in return, was testament to the generous and kind soul she was. C. you will be forever missed xxx

White Lady Chapel, Pennant Hills  White Lady Funerals, Pennant Hills

Dear Elaine,
We just wanted to say thank you for much for guiding us with S's funeral service. You have been very kind, compassionate, and ran the proceedings to our exact wishes.
Thank you again, Kind Regards, T.S. & W.
Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens, chapel service and burial.

Hi Elaine,
Thanks again for your truly valuable help and direction - it was a lovely service and your role in it and your approach on the day was such an important part of it.
All the best,
J.W., Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Chapels, June 2016

Hi Elaine,
Dad received his keepsake copy of the service today, thank you.
Thank you once again for a wonderful service, I know Dad was very pleased with the day.
Kind regards L.

D.L.,  Walter Carter Chapel, June 2016

Hi Elaine,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the absolute beautiful service you delivered.  It's precisely the service we had in mind for dad and something which we will cherish forever. Regards,
Dear Elaine,
My brother took the words right out of my mouth when he thanked you for the time & thought you put into my father's service. But I feel I also personally need to express my gratitude for your beautiful service. 
Kindly,  Szilvia
A.N. at W.N. Bull chapel, Newtown May 2016

Hi there Elaine

thank you so much for Monday, we really appreciate your time and expertise and care.thank you again for wishes....N
L.H., Mona Vale Cemetery, May 2016

Hi Elaine,

Thank you for coordinating the service for my Dad today. I really liked your introduction about my Dad, it was very fitting.
Eastern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Chapels, February 2016

Dear Elaine
Caitlin and I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful service yesterday and ensuring everything went smoothly. Many people commented on how nicely you conducted the service.
Warmest regards
M. C. 19 November, 2015, Ann Wilson Funerals Chapel, Mona Vale

Dear Elaine
Thank you so much for everything you did to support Dad & me with Mum's funeral & our journey of grief.
It was a delightful surprise the other day to receive the lovely white folder with such a beautifully presented memory of Mum's service.  Everything down to the gold rose & butterfly motifs & the white & gold ribbon were so tasteful.
And the photos interspersed in the copy were so appropriate, especially the lovely youthful photo of mum & the beautiful white rose & then the photos at the end as a reminder of the doves & balloons.
You have eased our burden at this difficult time & both Dad & I are deeply grateful for your compassion & professionalism.
The funeral service will be a positive day to remember as our formal farewell to Mum.

Julie & John

Norma M. , Fri 10th July, 2015, Rookwood Cemetery and Crematorium

 Dear Elaine
Thanks for passing on these photos & thank you very much for all you did to create a lovely atmosphere in which to celebrate Mum's life.  It was a very healing experience not just for Dad & me but also a number of our relatives who were particularly close to Mum.  Giving people permission to share their tears was very special.  Dad & I felt very supported in the way you enabled the service to flow so respectfully.
Thank you!

Julie Matthews

Dear Elaine
On behalf of the family I would like to thank you for your contribution to Kerrie's funeral service. We felt your words were ideal for the occasion and ensured the service flowed perfectly.
Kind Regards
Terry Gray

Kerrie Gray, Friday 3rd July, 2015
Ann Wilson Chapel, Mona Vale Cemetery

Dear Elaine
Thank you so much for these kind words and for the service you performed for us yesterday. Everyone was very impressed by you as well, I received many comments about what a wonderful service it was and about how you fitted in so beautifully, helping out unobtrusively and so on. I greatly appreciate the very warm, human and natural presence you brought to the service, as did all concerned.

I agree it was good, and frankly a bit amazing, that both mum and dad could say their piece. I do feel that the ceremony was healing  and that it has brought our family closer and allowed people to focus on the more important qualities and emotions that bind us.

Elaine I feel you went above and beyond with this one, surely spending a much longer time at the service and 'wake' than you normally would. At no stage did it feel like this was any trouble to you - this was very generous of you.

I will not hesitate t recommend you to others and to contact you in the future for any celebrant services we might need.

Warm regards, Linda
Memorial Ian McPherson, 25th March 2015

Dear Elaine,
How timely as I sat down to write to you ,your email was there. Just from myself, very personally,  I would like to thank you so much for your professional and warm services which made the service so special  and touching for me.

We were so lucky to me meet you "at that special time".I am feeling much better now and less emotional as we move on.Hope Christmas is a special time for you and loved ones
Many, many thanks
Joan M.F. 5th December, 2014, Ann Wilson Chapel

Thanks very much for your time and the excellent service today.
I really appreciate your sensitivity and contribution to the day.Please find attached a copy of the eulogy I presented.
Best wishes.
Greg Foy.
Joan M. F.  5th December, 2014, Ann Wilson Chapel

Dear Elaine,We would like to thank you so much for helping us provide a lovely memorial service for Norma. Many of our guests commented on what a beautiful service it was.
Elaine, we really appreciated your calm and sincere guidance and support throughout the process and particularly on the day. In particular, thank you for seeking to understand Norma and incorporating that into your words and prayers during the service.Yesterday we completed the process and Norma is now resting with Phillip at the Frenchs Forest cemetery.
Thanks again, for a service we will always remember,
Kerry & Des
Late Norma O.
27 October, 2014 Ann Wilson Chapel, Mona Vale

Thank you so much Elaine.
Your involvement was beautiful and very much appreciated.You captured exactly what the family wanted and this attributed to a perfect day.It was so wonderful that you took the time to listen and that you really cared about our Mum.We are all so pleased that you led us in our celebration of Mum's amazing life.With our heartfelt thanks,
The Siedlecki Family
Late Yvette Siedlecki 22nd August, 2013, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Leppington, Ann Wilson Funerals

Hello Elaine,
Just want to thank you myself for your professional services, kind assistance & guidance.We all felt that Dad was duly honoured on Monday and your input was  most valuable.
Thanks indeed.
Kind Regards, Peter Meares
Late Kenneth Devenish Meares,
5th August 2013, RSL Anzac Village Chapel, Peninsula Funeral Services 

To dear Elaine
We would like to thank you very much for your kindness, help and guidance during our sad time of Dad's passing. Also for celebrating his life today with us. It was very much appreciated.
With Kind Regards,
Norma, Nola, Pamela and families
Late Leonard Trevillian, MPC 30th July, 2013, Darrin Burns Family Funerals

Hi Elaine
I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you so much for the lovely service that you provided for Mum. Everything went accordingly to plan and I have had such lovely feedback as to what a wonderful service and memory of Mum.
Once again, thank you for helping us through such a difficult time and your lovely words about mum.
Late Betty Geisker, 23 July 2013, White Lady Pennant Hills Chapel

Dear Elaine,
Thank you for making our farewell this morning to John Roberts such a dignified and meaningful event.Your words were so well chosen, your approach to the whole proceedings so respectful and appropriate. I thank you also for being able to help us at such short notice, provide me with a choice of suitable prayers and poems and answer all my queries and emails almost immediately!   As you know it is a very stressful time, and I know it was a lot of information for you to process, and process properly.
It was lovely to meet you, and we will certainly be recommending your services to our friends. Quite a few people commented later about what an excellent job you had done.
Warmest wishes, Jean and Margaret Roberts
Late John Irvine Roberts, Macquarie Park, 8 July 2013, Hamilton Funerals  Macquarie Park, one of Northern Cemeteries

Hi Elaine,
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did conducting the service. There was a lot to learn about her life, especially when that long & well lived & your words were so true & fitting of her. Thank you & congratulations on describing her perfectly! You are too kind with your words however, I do hope we gave her a service which was true to her as well as honouring the person she was - I think we did…..Thank you so much again, I am trying to take comfort in the fact that she will always be with me, it's just difficult to accept it's not in a physical sense anymore. Thanks xx   Alex
Late Isabella Jessie Wye, Friday 11th January, 2013, Northern Suburbs, Ann Wilson Funerals

Thanks Elaine,
The service was perfect, and my Nan would have loved it.
Kind RegardsVanessa
Late Celia Martin, 29 May 2013, Castlebrook

"Thank you Elaine for your thoughts. And thank you for making a very difficult day a little easier. And it really was a lovely tribute, wasn't it? You were so easy to work with and you couldn't have done a better job. My niece commented that she has attended many ceremonies with celebrants and she thought you were the best she had seen.
Kind regards,Celia"

"Hi Elaine,You are absolutely amazing - I'm so glad I was drawn to contact you to arrange and deliver this special service. All my family have commented on what a great job you did and how lucky we were to have you.
We have had great feedback on the service, many saying it was the best and most lovely service they have ever attended. The song and the flowers were very special, powerful and very Rhianon. Thank you so much for everything, you came to see us on boxing day and assisted us throughout the planning process and made the service day so special. I'm not sure if you have testimonials on your website - but I would be very happy to write you one if you would like.
Best wishes to you and your family ~

"Hi Elaine, I am writing on behalf of my family and myself, to thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf when you assisted us with my Mother's funeral service.I am extremely grateful for the way in which you conducted the service, and for your guidance throughout the entire process You took on board everything we asked for and it was not a 'morbid' affair. Mum would have hated that.   The copy of the transcript is beautiful and was totally unexpected. Once again Elaine, many, many thanks, you did a great job and I was glad to have your help. Kind regards  Jenny"

 "Dear Elaine,We were all very comforted by our Mum's service.  She had become so frail and suffered so much pain and distress for quite some time that her peaceful passing was a blessing.  Being able to farewell her with just our family around us and in our own way was very special and consoling to us.  Thank you for the part that you played in this.  You were perceptive and sympathetic and conducted the service beautifully.  We are all most grateful.  Kind regards,   Julie"

"Thank you for guiding us so gently through the service today.  Many people said they thought it was beautiful and gave Clive a wonderful send-off....Thank you again, Evelyn" 

"Thanks again for yesterday, it really was a very special ceremony.  Things turned out just perfectly.....and I know my dad would have thought you were great too. Love, Stephanie."

 "John's service was very beautiful and I've had a lot of feedback from family and friends telling me the same.  I'm very appreciative that the service was a real tribute to John and that his life was celebrated and honoured as he would have wanted. Thank you so much for your kindness and support and the lovely words that you took the time to compose.|
Warm Regards, Fran.

"Thanks for officiating at Ray's funeral this morning.  You brought some lovely touches to the ceremony.  It all ran like clockwork which helped to ease the strain for the family.
Regards, Rose Saltman"

Dear Elaine,
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in assisting our families with the difficult task of having a memorial service after 30 years.
I can't emphasise how impressed we all were with your ability to interpret what we wanted in the ceremony.Once again, thank you from all of us,
Kim Jopson,  

"Dear Elaine,
The service was perfect and is just what we were hoping for. Thank you for guiding us gently along this difficult journey. The service was exactly the way our father would have wanted it and you made this all possible.
Thanks again,
Kindest Regards, David Bridger and Dyan"

Dear Elaine,
Again, I and the family would like to thank you most generously. You have managed to organise the seven of us to produce the best possible outcome for the memorial.
Everyone agreed that the service was exactly the way Beryl would have wanted and every family member went away reflecting on just how well it covered their own personal grieving process. Your guidance was much appreciated by all.
Doug Auld, 
"Dear Elaine,
Thank you so much for the way you conducted pop's funeral it was such a lovely ceremony, We were very lucky to have you there as you made it run so smoothly. You certainly made this day that much better for us to cope with and for that we thank you.
 Regards, Michael,  Kim and family."

"When my mother passed away in 2005 and Elaine conducted her funeral service, the professionalism and empathy that she brought to this task was above reproach. I felt very comfortable and comforted with leaving the service in her hands.

It was a beautiful send-off and done with much compassion. So much so my father asked Elaine to conduct his service when the time came - which was all too soon.

18 months later I once again requested Elaine's assistance with a service for my Dad. It was one of the most heart-warming and touching services as Elaine managed just the right amount of reverence with the touch of humour my father wanted. I know both of my parents would have been very pleased with their exits from this world and it is largely because Elaine was able to give a personal and well-constructed service incorporating the many suggestions of my siblings as well as the specific requests of my parents.

I will never be able to thank Elaine enough for her kindness, caring and sensitivity during these very difficult times. The appropriateness and solemnity of each occasion was punctuated with genuine compassion as she farewelled each of my parents. Thank you so much for the beautiful words and the serenity you brought to my family and friends.
Rosemary Richards"


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